Sunday, November 20, 2011

Atsushi Onita's ECW Debut

This video was shared by SAW contributor, Norko. Enjoy some good old fashioned ECW "garbage" wrestling.

Norko also shared some background on Onita if you aren't familiar with him.
This one had potential to be relatively big for ECW back in the day.  They had already brought in Masato Tanaka, but this was the guy who was the founder of FMW.  It was supposed to lead to an explosion cage match in ECW that he was known for in FMW in Japan.  IIRC this was his only appearance in the US for ECW.  He tried again to do the big explosion match a few years later with XPW.
Thanks again to Norko for the background. I, for one, was not terribly familiar with Onita. I recognized his name as one of those hardcore Japanese wrestlers, but can't say I ever saw him before this.

Upload Credit: SabinBlitz81

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