Monday, October 31, 2011

WWE RAW in Atlanta tonight

Unfortunately, I won't be there, but RAW is coming to you from Atlanta, GA tonight.  The Muppets are guest hosting while CM Punk takes on World Heavyweight Champion, Mark Henry for a shot at WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio.

I like both Henry and Punk.  I like the idea of Punk and Del Rio feuding.  I am not, however, a huge fan of that stipulation.  There simply is not a satisfying conclusion there so far as I am concerned.  I would like the awesome that is Mark Henry and the greatness that is CM Punk kept apart for now.

Also, the Rock is scheduled to respond to Cena picking him as his Survivor Series partner.  I'm assuming it will be by satellite or tape.  Hopefully John Cena catches a beating from the excellent tandem of R-Truth and the Miz.

That would be....AWESOME!

Enjoy the show.

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