Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Will Pruett on "major turns"

DOT NET's Will Pruett, wrote "The lost art of the major turn in WWE and TNA" recently as part of the Pruett's Blog feature on that website.
He closed it this way:
This is such a delicate art in booking. The turn is the one technique that can ignite a fire in a promotion like none other. All the worked-shoots and lockouts in the world cannot bring out the passion in the fans that one solidly executed turn can.
I think he's absolutely right about this.  Nothing in wrestling builds anticipation/excitement like a well-executed turn.  Batista's turn on Triple H and Evolution was not some shocking swerve, but a well-reasoned, expertly paced build that made perfect sense for everyone involved.

All-in-all, I think Pruett hits the nail on the head here.

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