Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Where is Mike Knox?

Mike Knox was an internet favorite in his modern-day Bruiser Brody gimmick, but since his release I have not heard anything from or about him. Per LoP, he is not doing so well since parting ways with WWE:
Mike Knox wants nothing to do with the professional wrestling industry following his release from WWE last year. Friends of the 33-year-old say he became depressed over being let go by WWE and therefore won't accept requests for independent dates or even conventions.
If true (always a big IF with sites like LoP), then this really is sad. Knox was a guy who was pushed too hard in WWE's relaunch of ECW as Kelly Kelly's jealous boyfriend, but he stuck with it and came up with a good look. He was an excellent monster heel and could have been an asset as WWE's Meng. I know you're thinking that Haku was WWE's Meng. What I mean though is that he could be that midcard monster you push occasionally to a higher spot on the card.

In general, you hate to see anyone struggle like this after a job loss. I think reading about Tyson Tomko's recent issues also helps drive home what a sad business pro-wrestling can be.

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