Sunday, October 30, 2011

New WWE '12 Preview (G4TV)

Looks incredible. I've already pre-ordered my copy so I can get modern-day Rock as a playable character.

Also per LoP (and reported elsewhere) here are the 23 titles that will be available in WWE '12. Of course the two bolded ones are the most interesting to me:
1. Hardcore Championship
2. Million Dollar Championship
3. Unified WWE Tag Team Championship
4. ECW Championship
5. Attitude Era Heavyweight Championship
6. Champion of Champions Title
7. Classic WWE Intercontinental Championship
8. WWE Light Heavyweight Championship
9. WCW World Heavyweight Championship
10. Undisputed Championship
11. Classic ECW Championship
12. European Championship
13. WCW Championship
14. WWE Championship (WCW spray-painted)
15. WCW World Heavyweight Championship (WCW spray-painted)
16. WWE Championship
17. World Heavyweight Championship
18. WWE Tag Team Championship
19. World Tag Team Championship
20. Cruiserweight Championship
21. Women's Championship
22. United States Championship
23. Divas Championship

This is due to a WCW-themed storyline that will be in the game. I am a little disappointed that the nWo spray-painted titles will not be in the game. I always liked those.

Cannot wait until November 22nd.

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