Saturday, October 29, 2011

Impact Wrestling tapings, Macon GA (10-26-2011)

Got back to the house last night around 1:00 AM from the Impact Wrestling tapings in Macon, GA.  The show was not bad at all.  All spoilers will be after the jump, but let's talk about the trip for a second. 

SAW contributor, Norko, got the tickets for us.  The event started at 7:00 PM.  We left Jonesboro around 5:00-5:15 to head south toward Macon.  We knew we would be cutting it close, but should be able to get into the building before 7:00.  The ride down was pretty smooth.  The Macon Coliseum is right off the exit and easy to find.  As we approached the parking booths we realized we had a problem though.  They only took cash and neither of us had the $7 on us.  After a quick U-turn and ATM visit we were able to get into the lot and walk into the building right at the start of the show.  Not that we were disappointed by this, but we did miss the dark match.

On to the show...
  • The show started out with new champion "Cowboy" James Storm addressing the crowd. The crowd dug his whole routine. He called out his friend Bobby Roode to offer him a title shot later tonight. At this point I said to Norko, "I hope they don't turn Roode tonight."
  • You had the Bischoff family saga play out with exactly zero people caring.  The highlight of the segment where Garett Bischoff "manned up" and punched his dad was Ric Flair coming to E's rescue to a course of "WOOOO!s"
  • Roode and Storm had a nice little match that looked like it was going to end with some screwy fnish.  Instead, Bobby Roode hit his boy in the head with his own beer bottle and won the strap.  Patience has never been TNA's strong suit.
  • Jeremy Borash told the crowd to cheer Garett Bischoff.  The crowd refused. 
  • Sting and Jeff Hardy got the biggest pops of the night I would say.  Storm and Roode were also over with the live crowd.  Roode was over as a face and later as a heel so that was nice to see.
  • The surprise entrant in the six-man tag match on the "second show" was Abyss.  I hate Abyss with a white hot hatred so that did less than nothing for me.  Seriously, have him go back to being a mindless monster who doesn't speak with a Sinister Minister type and I'm in.  The recent incarnations?  Don't dig it at all.
  • Just before Storm's rematch with former friend, Bobby Roode, we are shown video where Storm has been beat down backstage by someone.  TNA plays this right because Storm looks like a bad ass by coming down to fight, but he's of course defeated by Bobby Roode.  They didn't Super Cena him which is how a situation like this should be booked.
  • The finish was kind of stupid as Roode acted like he was worried about Storm, helped him up and then rolled him up in a school boy for the win.  Had he blasted him with a clothesline like Paul Orndorff did to Hogan it would have been much more effective.
  • Storm clearly won't be able to go "three days from now" at the PPV so AJ Styles challenges Roode to a title match at Turning Point.  The Stinger grants it and there you have it.
The show really was pretty decent and for TNA I feel that is quite an accomplishment.  If you would like a more detailed review/discussion check out this thread on A1 authored by Zandrax.

It was good to meet A1 poster, Zandrax, at the show as well as he flew in from Illinois to enjoy the show.

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