Thursday, October 6, 2011


Missouri has long been mentioned as a possibility for the SEC's 14th team. That possibility increased on Tuesday when their curators gave their chancellor, Brady Deaton, the authority to look at conference options other than the Big XII. There is one catch though as allegedly Mizzou does not have enough backing to get into the SEC at this time:
A majority of SEC heads are in favor of Missouri applying to the conference, the Birmingham News reported Wednesday, citing two sources familiar with the discussions. But nine votes are needed to add a new school, and Missouri does not have enough backing for that to happen.
At this point it would seem that staying in the Big XII is not much of an option though. If Mizzou is number 14, it has been rumored that Auburn may move to the SEC East.

From the SEC perspective, what does Missouri bring to the table? An attractive TV market (St. Louis) and a larger geographical footprint.

From my perspective, what does Mizzou bring to the table? Well, St. Louis is "Handsome" Harley Race country and as EDSBS so astutely pointed out, Road House is set there.

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