Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Stone Cold" Talks About "The Viper"

I hit up Twitter tonight as I usually do throughout the day and especially before bed and I caught this tweet by Randy Orton.

This caught my eye so I decided to find out what it was all about. LoP had the answer.
Steve Austin spoke to Power Slam to promote his latest movie, Tactical Force. The discussion turns to present-day WWE and he is asked to name which wrestlers he believes can evolve into "money-drawing players" for the sports-entertainment organization.
Here's what he specifically said about Randy Orton.
I'm interested to see where Randy Orton goes next. His promos need work, and right now, he's a little one-dimensional. The crowds are digging him, but there's still another step on the ladder for him to climb to.
I'm a big Orton guy, but I think this is certainly true. Although I am not so sure how much of the issue is truly Orton as opposed to WWE Creative. Orton's Smackdown push has been very similar to Cena's from what I have seen. He's the Superman-type face who is going to win more often than not and it is difficult to get over on him. Of course this changes a bit with Mark Henry inducting Orton into his Hall of Pain, but up until then he felt just like Cena, another top face that is built to be indestructible.

The whole article was pretty good as Austin gives his thoughts on several current stars such as Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk.

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