Saturday, September 3, 2011

RKO vs Diamond Cutter

This video got me to thinking about this.  Which move do you prefer, the RKO or the Diamond Cutter?

Me, I think the application of the Diamond Cutter looks better.  I like how DDP used both hands to apply the move.  He touches on the how and whys of that in this video even.  Also, WWE does a good job of selling that Orton can hit the RKO at anytime, out of anywhere.  They've had some cool spots with it as well, but I think DDP's application of that same idea was much better.  It was a really versatile move the way DDP used it.  He often hit it on some really cool reversals as well.

All-in-all, I think the Diamond Cutter was a better move.  I would be interested to know if anyone prefers the RKO though.


  1. I agree, the Diamond Cutter is far better, as it had a better end game approach to a match. The RKO has its moments of being great in ring, however the diversity is killed by the thought that its a move that a wrestler has to sell to get over otherwise it just looks like an over exaggerated front neck breaker.

    Now in the impact of entertainment, I really enjoyed DDP doing his Diamond Cutter from the second rope with the opponent falling from that height, though I don't remember seeing it reversed before.

    Randy Orton has certainly made the RKO his move. I would like to see him use both hands, maybe clutching the head, say right on the back of the persons neck or head, instead of just the Stone Cold style grab and drop. This may not be doable in some circumstances, but to have him do it at times would solidify a stronger finisher hold, which would stop those reversals from happening so often.

  2. Part of it has to be that I saw DDP doing the Diamond Cutter first, but the way he applies it looks better than Orton's RKO. Also the variety really helps as well (not that Orton hasn't performed some cool RKOs).