Monday, September 12, 2011

Piper Has a Broken Neck

Good old Hot Rod has apparently been wrestling with a broken neck according to TMZ.
Wrestling icon Rowdy Roddy Piper says doctors at UCLA are about to slash his neck open and take a hammer and a chisel to his neck bones ... after discovering he's been wrestling with a BROKEN NECK
Anyhow, if you thought a broken neck would break Roddy's spirit, think again!
Piper says he's going under the knife in just a few hours -- but tells his fans, "There [sic] using all the smarts they have at UCLA. I SAY BRING IT ON! CUT DEEP!!! I'M NOT AFRAID!!"
The timing on this is kind of funny to me simply because the guys on WCMB were discussing the Piper's Family episode of Nitro I attended. This was wear "Rowdy" Roddy held tryouts for his War Games team. The thing did not go over so well and the Horsemen ended up joining Piper and replacing his family.

Get well soon, HOT ROD!