Saturday, September 24, 2011

Matt Hardy: Slower Learner

Unfortunately, there has been a lot of discussion about Matt Hardy here on SAW.  Even more unfortunately, it is almost all bad.  We finally got some good news as was shared on this thread.  Matt had decided to enter rehab.  The good news was short-lived though as TMZ reported on September 20th.
According to search warrant docs obtained by TMZ, it all started with a 911 call last Wednesday -- placed by Matt's model girlfriend, Reby Sky, who was worried Matt "was strung out on pills and needed help."

Police came and Matt's GF led them to a secret safe containing several prescription painkillers.

Police then obtained a search warrant -- and according to cops, when they raided his house they found 20 vials of anabolic steroids and some ecstasy.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Matt wasn't home at the time of the search so they couldn't arrest him on the spot ... he turned himself in yesterday.
Hopefully, Matt's decision to enter rehab is a sign that the guy is finally ready to turn his life around. It certainly does not help that he now has legal issues to deal with on top of the typical Hardy nonsense. It's kind of fitting in an odd way that this comes as Jeff Hardy's legal issues have finally been wrapped up.

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