Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mark Henry/Jerry Lawler Angle from RAW

Allegedly, there was an issue with the spot where Lawler got World's Strongest Slammed through the announce table on RAW last night per DOT NET's Jason Powell:
I can confirm reports that Lawler's injury was due to the announcers' table that Mark Henry slammed him through not being gimmicked properly.
If true, that really sucks. You never want to see someone get injured in such a fashion.

That segment ruled though and was the absolute highlight of RAW. I wish Jerry "The King" Lawler a speedy recovery.

Here's the angle if you did not see it last night on RAW. On another note, it would be a HUGE mistake to take that belt off Henry at Hell in a Cell in a couple of weeks. This guy has a legitimately intimidating aura about him right now. They need to capitalize on it and have him add more members to his Hall of Pain.

Upload Credit: WWEFanNation

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