Saturday, September 3, 2011

FFA: College Football Returns!

It's finally here, the return of college football.  Unfortunately, South Atlanta Wrestling had an unscheduled two-day hiatus (real life y'all), but SAW is back and jacked up for college football season.

I'm a BAMA fan by birth.  My mom's family lived out in west Alabama.  My grandmother didn't care a lick about college football except she wanted to know when BAMA was playing and whether they won.  She told me once that back in her day Alabama football was "something they could be proud of" out there.  All that being said, here are my standard gameday videos I watch every day the Crimson Tide storms the field.

Then we have this newer one that I think is kind of cool, but doesn't have the emotional impact of "The Tradition," "Tide Get Ready to Roll."

There are others that I'm going to save for the upcoming weeks of course such as the standard stadium intro and "This is Alabama football."

On the subject of the unscheduled hiatus, I grew up in the 'burbs on the Southside of Atlanta. Due to that we also root for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. I was in downtown ATL on Thursday night to see the Jackets open the season with a 63-21 victory over Western Carolina. If you get a chance to catch a Thursday night game at Bobby Dodd Stadium, you do it. It's a really cool environment. There's something about going to Atlanta to see a college football game that is just really neat compared to the usual "college town environment." It's not better necessarily, but it's different. I'm trying to find their Zombie Nation pregame tradition video with no luck.  Hopefully I will be able to find a link in the next week or so. 

Fun Fact:  You can watch the video, count the national titles and realize they have more than the Georgia Bulldogs.  Remind UGA fans of this when you see them.

Upload Credit: wrenn004, heat22

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