Sunday, September 18, 2011

FFA: College Football Realignment

As evidenced by this thread on A1 and my Twitter feed, it's obvious that one of the hottest topics in my world is not actually pro-wrestling related.  It is college football conference realignment (2011 Edition).

Where are we today?  Funny you ask because there's a conference call going on right now that is discussing PITT and Syracuse's admission to the ACC.  You may recall that Syracuse was initially the "third man" that was to join the ACC when Miami and BC joined.  Some political maneuvering earned Virginia Tech that spot instead however.

Meanwhile, you have Oklahoma and Texas' Board of Regents both meeting tomorrow.  These meetings could very well be the death knell for the Big XII.  Much like Guns N Roses or WCW, it's equally shocking the Big XII may be dissolved and that it lasted this long.  The Big XII probably should have died last year.  I believe it would have if Texas A&M bolted for the SEC at that time as was widely reported.  Anyhow, TAMU's desire to leave this year has sparked the latest round of realignment madness.  Oklahoma's president then made some comments that further destabilized the Big XII and accelerated the realignment process across the country.

TAMU and the SEC were all set to make it official and A&M has been admitted to the SEC conditionally.  The only reason it's not a done deal is Baylor decided to protect itself and refused to waive the right to sue the SEC.  I have seen people try to paint the SEC as the bad guy in this scenario.  Essentially their argument is that the SEC has asked for something unprecedented (litigation waivers) to bring in Texas A&M.  Those people are missing the point though in my opinion.  The only reason SEC asked for the waivers is because at the 11th hour Baylor notified them that they were withdrawing consent for the move.  This went against the letter from the Big XII that laid out the escape plan for Texas A&M to make its way to the SEC.

With A&M practically gone to the SEC, Oklahoma allegedly looking hard at the Pac-12, Texas is suddenly running out of options.  One interesting option is the ACC.  Why the ACC?  They would be OK with the Longhorn Network.  What is most interesting though now is with the addition of the two Big East schools today, the whole equation changes for everyone.  The Big XII is on life support and honestly the Big East may be as well.  Hopefully we get some clarification tomorrow on the whole issue after the aforementioned OU and TX Board of Regents meetings.

No matter what happens tomorrow, the conference realignment craziness is nowhere near done.  Are 16 team super conferences the future of college football?  It looks that way, but only time will tell.

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