Saturday, September 10, 2011

Air Boom is a Bust has an article up that discusses the Miz/Truth vs Air Boom feud.  One aspect of it that they touch on is the "Air Boom" name. They even quoted the Miz from Monday's RAW when he said this below:
Air Boom is the stupidest name I've ever heard.
You know what? I agree. I know where the name came from since they essentially just smashed Bourne and Kingston's gimmicks together, but that is one stupid sounding nickname. Personally, I recommended Sonic Boom which at least sounds right together. I don't know if a name change is in the works since they are addressing this in a article, but both of the names they mentioned below are much better.
Although Evan & Kofi kicked around a couple of names on their own, including Zero Gravity and The Elevation Express, both Superstars appear more than happy with Air Boom. “It was cool to have the WWE Universe interact and be involved,” said Kofi. “We didn’t know they cared about us so much.”
I think Elevation Express has a nice ring to it.  If it isn't obvious from the post here, it's the name Air Boom that I take issue with. I think the team of Bourne and Kingston is an excellent way to use those guys. It's also a nice way to start rebuilding WWE's tag division.

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