Friday, August 5, 2011

WWE Releases

TH's The Wrestling Blog posted WWE Chopping Block Report, Part 1 today covering what is most likely the first round of widespread releases this year.

This isn't really news to any wrestling fans by this point in the day, but I did want to give a couple of thoughts about each of the releases announced today.

  • Chris Masters--I figure this is the one that would bother the most people.  Masters has been somewhat of an IWC darling since he returned to WWE.  I thought the old MasterLock Challenge was lots of fun back in the day, but it never really seemed like he was going anywhere. 
  • DH Smith--Had WWE wanted to get serious about a legitimate tag team division, I really thought he Hart Dynasty was the way to do it.  Of course WWE seems to hate tag team wrestling and the Harts got lost in the shuffle.  Last time I saw Smith was when he walked down as a lumberjack at WrestleMania 27 wearing a cowboy hat.  I wish they had gotten serious about a Hart Dynasty push, but by this point I can completely understand this.
  • Vladimir Kozlov--He never did anything for me.  His unorthodox style was boring.  His comedy pairing with Santino was a piss break for me during RAW.  The fact that he held the tag gold with Santino is an absolute joke. 
  • Melina--Her look goes completely against my "natural woman" bias.  Her face goes completely against my anti-beastiality bias.  I mean Sarah Jessica Parker thought she had a horse face, but her ring entrance was a thing of legend.  Perhaps if she hadn't, allegedly, been such a pain in the ass through her entire WWE stint she might be around.  I'm curious as to what this does with John Morrison's WWE stay too.
  • Gail Kim--She quit.  She was pretty botchamatic during her return to the E from what I understand.
I'll be very interested in who is taken out in the next round.  I wish all these folks the best.