Monday, August 15, 2011

Who Brought in Kevin Nash? is speculating about who exactly is responsible for Kevin Nash's appearance at SummerSlam last night. 

The last line teases that we may never get an answer to that question.
We may never have definitive answers to all of the questions surrounding Alberto Del Rio leaving SummerSlam as the Undisputed WWE Champion, yet one fact is indisputable: this was the most contentious SummerSlam in WWE history
I seriously doubt that is the case though.  If we don't know something more about Big Kev's involvement tonight on RAW I will be shocked.  I certainly don't expect all the answers tonight because I fear that this is all leading towards the big reveal of Triple H being behind the whole thing.

Dot Net mentioned that it was kind of surprising that Vince McMahon wasn't listed as a suspect and I agree with that.  I'm kind of inclined to believe that there's a chance that Vince was involved.

Either way, the end of the show last night sets up for some interesting questions to be asked and intriguing possibilities going forward. 

Hopefully WWE capitalizes on that. 

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