Monday, August 1, 2011

WCW Galoob Figure Commercials

FUN FACT: I spent $30 to get the Freebirds out of the second series that apparently saw a very limited release.  I liked these figs and have most of the first set, but had to eBay Luger as well to get all the ones I wanted.  The belts sucked on those things and didn't even look as nice as the ones in the commercial.  The first WCW figure I purchased was Sting at the Fayetteville KMart which is now a JCPenney.  I think out of the initial series the only ones I did not have were Pillman and Zenk. 

Nice looking figures.  The lack of articulation never really bothered me much.  I don't really remember these ads at all either so this was kind of cool to see.

Upload Credit: 24wrestlingrocks