Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ultimate Warrior is Crazy and sort of Awesome

In a trainwreck sort of way of course.  Lords of Pain does a nice job of capturing his insanity.
Ultimate Warrior's Facebook rant in which he called Hulk Hogan a "Vagina Man" and blasted the wrestling legend's daughter Brooke for posing nude for PETA has been removed by the social media empire.
Vagina Man? Really? Really?!  Wait, there's more.
He also snidely responded to a user remarking that "at least Hogan is on TV."

"Yeah, killing the business and opportunities for young guys to have a shot at their OWN stardom," Warrior replied. "Super."
Hilarious retort out of Warrior.  He's nuts, but at least he's entertaining I suppose.  I dug the sarcastic dig at Hogan if nothing else.

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