Thursday, August 11, 2011

Triple H Wants to Rebuild Tag Division

There is another change allegedly coming to WWE.  According to PWInsider via Wrestle Heat, Triple H wants to rebuild the tag division.
...he apparently wants to revive what many consider a lackluster tag team division. McMahon has been said to be down on the idea in the past, but will listen to almost anything his son-in-law suggests.

Triple H's ideas about doing vignettes and teasing new talent has been very successful. He does little for me as an on-screen character, but reviving the tag division would be another positive move for Triple H in this backstage role.

It amazes me that for all that WWE does right, they abandoned tag team wrestling. If I were booking a promotion I would have a strong tag division that had very little overlap with the singles division. In my world, a well-seasoned tag team would beat any "Mega Powers-esque" team because they know the ins and outs of tag team wrestling.

I hope this comes to fruition because it would add a welcome dimension to WWE programming.

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