Friday, August 26, 2011

Sin Cara Update

Last we heard from Sin Cara, things were going about as well as typical for him in the WWE. Apparently and allegedly, WWE has grown tired of it as he may have parted ways with the company per this LoP article:
Company sources say developmental talent Jorge Arias (a/k/a Hunico) will exclusively portray the Sin Cara character going forward. WWE wants to maintain the character since its been very popular among kids and in merchandise sales.
We all knew it was a bumpy ride for Sin Cara in WWE, but I never expected this. Well, at least not this quickly. Congratulations to Hunico for scoring a sweet role in the company. I hope he has better luck than the original.

Update:  Apparently it was Hunico under the Sin Cara mask when they had to reshoot the match at the Smackdown taping.  I did not realize this when I posted the aforementioned post earlier this week.  Again, from the LoP link above
WWE re-shot a match between Sin Cara and Heath Slater at Tuesday's taping since the initial bout featured numerous botched maneuvers. Aries portrayed Cara in both matches. Alvirde was dressed to compete, but management opted not to use him.

That makes the timing a little odd to me, but either way it had not been smooth sailing for Alvirde (the original).

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