Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sin Cara in WWE '12

After looking at the Roster on THQ's WWE '12 site a couple of times, I noticed something really interesting.  We all know there are rumors flying about Sin Cara's future in WWE.  If you don't know, after the Wellness violation it was rumored he may not return.  They had another worker stand in for him on SmackDown last week.  There have even been rumors that they may be building towards a Sin Cara vs Sin Cara feud.

All that being said, what was interesting about his placement is that he's on the page down there next to Jerry "The King" Lawler where all the WWE Legends are listed.  Does that mean anything?  Not necessarily, but I thought it was kind of interesting considering there seems to be a pattern used to layout all the WWE SuperStars, Divas and Legends on that page.

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