Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rick Rude's Career Ender

I will echo what most say about this unfortunate incident, that setup around the ring was ill-conceived. What was even worse was performing that spot with that setup in place. I have zero idea why they went through with that. Rude was great in WWE, but I'm not sure that he wasn't better during his WCW/Dangerous Alliance run. He felt more important in WCW to me.

Upload Credit: fanWRESTLINGfan

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  1. Ouch. I've never seen that. Definitely a nice move in the wrong spot.

    I agree with you on his WWE vs. WCW careers. In the WWE, too much of Rude's heat was leeched by Bobby Heenan. He was just the Brain's flavor of the year. In WCW, you got the feeling that the Dangerous Alliance was stronger because of Rude. Even fighting for the US title, he felt top of the card in ways he never did battling for the IC belt.