Thursday, August 4, 2011

Michael Cole: Manager?

Michael Cole transitioning to manager?  That seemed to be the obvious direction of the endless Lawler/Cole program, but they never pulled the trigger.  When Good Ol' JR returned to the RAW booth you might think that would be another sign that Cole would become a manager.  Allegedly there is talk of it and I think that's great, but here's the problem as highlighted by this Lords of Pain article:
If Cole would begin to manage, he would likely stay on commentary as well.
Count me out.  Cole was fun at first, but as that Lawler angle dragged on I was ready for both Lawler and Cole to disappear forever.  I tried to stay positive because I figured maybe Jack Swagger would get a deserved push.  What's he up to now?  Yeah, not a lot. 

Ultimately, Michael Cole as a manager could work, but if they keep him in the booth I think we'll all get Cole overload.

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