Tuesday, August 23, 2011

JBL on Vince Russo

DOT NET covered an interview where JBL states the obvious as it relates to TNA/Impact Wrestling and Vince Russo:
"I don't get why they keep Russo,"
To which the entire internet said, "Amen."  I will never understand why TNA chooses to keep that guy around.  That show is the biggest cluster I have ever witnessed.  Everyone involved in the creative process should get run.  I literally cannot force myself to watch that two hour program.  I would rather sit in front of my computer and watch random YouTube clips from the 80s. 

Another thing I picked up on in this story was that JBL does have a high opinion of Dutch Mantell as a booker. Now I know Dutch has a good rep in the business, but I do not recall business booming when he was with TNA either. Is it all Dutch's fault? Of course not, but it was still an interesting point.