Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cena and Punk WWE Title Reigns

CM Punk and John Cena both walked into SummerSlam with a claim to the WWE Title. The winner of their match was to be crowned "the undisputed WWE champion." That brings up an interesting point that is currently being discussed on A1. How do you count CM Punk's WWE title reigns?

There are two schools of thought on this.

One side says that Punk rolled into SS as the WWE Champion and won the undisputed WWE title so he is now a two-time WWE champion.

The other says that Punk's reign began at Money in the Bank and his defeat of Cena simply clarified who the undisputed WWE champion was. In that scenario CM Punk has one reign as WWE champion.

My take? I am in the second camp. I think that both men came to SummerSlam with claims to the title. The winner of the match simply solidified his claim. They did not win another title or begin another title reign. It was simply an extension of the reign that started at Money in the Bank or on RAW.

I love discussions like this. If you're interested in hearing more about these two perspectives then go check out this thread on

Photo Credit: Bleacher Report


  1. Had WWE enlisted the title as stripped from CM PUNK before holding the title, I would agree that they both held claim to the championship. In the past WWE would strip a champion for various reasons; injury, leave, storyline. However in this case they set it up to have both be champions coming into Summer Slam.

    Had Cena beaten Punk or had won the stripped title during the Tournament I would adhere to him having a claim to the title. However he was given an impromtu match against Rey Mysterio the night the Tournament ended for a shot at a title that was never stripped from the rightful Champion, and given a new title, that had no history, but looked identical...

    So I would take stake in it that CM PUNK came back to wrestle as the true champion, defending his title, and claiming John Cena's title as defunct, making his the Undisputed WWE Championship. Meaning CM Punk only held 1 Championship here, and Cena held a replacement that should not be considered a WWE Championship since he was defeated by CM Punk.

  2. I agree that Punk does not earn another title reign via the win at SS. The part I had not though nearly as much about was whether Cena and/or Rey deserve a WWE Title reign for that tourney or not. I tend to think they do, but could be persuaded the other way. Your reasoning is certainly well thought out.