Friday, July 15, 2011

Sting: New TNA Champion

Sting has once again captured the TNA Title at Midsummer's Nightmare last night on Impact Wrestling.  This was the spoiler mentioned here on SAW the other day. 

I'm a huge Sting fan, he may even make my Top 10 wrestlers of all-time that should be published soon.  I'm not sure that putting the title back on Sting at this point is the best idea especially given the Joker knockoff gimmick he's currently doing.

As mentioned in the spoiler post, noted that this is Sting's 15th World Title reign.


  1. Someone on FB questioned the 15th title reign count and I must admit I'm a bit confused where came up with that as well. I think we will look into that in a future post. Based on a really quick look you come up with 11-13 which in part depends on whether you count the WWA. That was the initial point the commenter made btw.

  2. Thanks again to the Facebooker, I realize that I neglected to count the WCW International World Title which raises another question. Should it count?

  3. Pretty cool. So this pic was taken during or after the 'Dark Knight' filming?

  4. Yeah, Sting's gimmick was better when it was "inspired" by Ledger Joker. It was OK then. Of course TNA screwed it up and it became a ripoff.