Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Road Warriors Mix It Up with the Horsemen

This whole segment is a heck of a lot of fun and here's why:
  • Hawk shows up ready to dominate.
  • Flair does not play the straight up cowardly heel.  He goes after Road Warrior Hawk.
  • Hawk takes the advantage.
  • Arn and Tully come out to catch Flair as he's tossed over the top.
  • That allows Ole to slide into the ring (nice camera work to catch that) and blindside Hawk.
  • Animal and Paul Ellering come to Hawk's aid but the numbers get to them.
  • Ellering laid out by Dillon with a foreign object.  Animal is given a piledriver outside the ring.
  • The way the Horsemen attack Hawk like a pack of rabid dogs is great.
  • Old school beat downs without silly weapons and overdone gimmicks really are effective if sold properly.
To me, that's a really great segment.  The Horsemen come off as sadistic heels yet again.  Hawk looks good after manhandling the world champion.  The little things make it work so much better than a lot of the unrealistic things we often see in wrestling.

Upload Credit: dzmatty