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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

RAW Review 7-18-2011: WWE Title Tournament

This much-anticipated episode of RAW started with the Chairman, Mr. McMahon starting an eight-man tournament to crown a new WWE Champion.  It ended with Mr. McMahon being "relieved of his duties" before he could fire John Cena.

The tournament itself was a lot of fun.  Most notably the Miz toughed it out and Kofi pulled off the upset over Alberto Del Rio.  The bait and switch finish to the show where the tournament finals got pushed to next week's RAW was a bit disappointing though.  The tournament finals will be the Miz taking on Rey Mysterio. At least I hope that is what we get without any shenanigans related to the Vince/Triple H storyline development.

The big story of course was Triple H informing Vince McMahon that he was no longer Chairman of WWE.  Everyone played their parts well especially John Cena, but in the shadows of the WWE Title tournament final being moved, it kind of fell flat.

It worked in the sense that I certainly want to see how RAW turns out next week.  I guess that is a win for WWE, but as of right now I am a bit disappointed in this week's edition of RAW.