Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rasslin' in Tennessee and Alabama

Thanks to new SAW contributor, SQUIRRELCHASER, who had this to say (among other things) on a recent post before sharing this video with me.

having said that I think some homage must be paid to a couple early wrestlers that are not named on the above list...namely Mario Gallento (a good guy),El Mongol (a Mexican with a shaved head and braided pony tail that spoke with grunts imitating a Mongolian dialect),the Monroe Bros. (Rocket and Sputnik who would run their middle fingers down their face from forehead across the bridge of their nose across their lips and stop at their chins), Baron von Raschke...and of course Mad dog Vachon...

While he may no longer consider himself a fan, I found the perspective on his former fandom to be interesting.  Of course, any content shared with SAW is always appreciated. 

Thanks again to SQUIRRELCHASER for the link.

Upload Credit: wrestlingscout