Saturday, July 16, 2011

One Man, Two Moments Vol 4: King of Harts

It's time for another edition of One Man, Two Moments.  The theme this time is obviously wrestling royalty/brothers as we tackle the two most well-known Hart brothers, Bret and Owen.

Bret Hart
It's amazing because Bret is without a doubt an absolute wrestling legend, but I really struggled to come up with his second moment.  I think these are the two correct choices.  Some would argue two things here.  One being that the Montreal Screwjob loses some of its importance with the reconciliation between The Hitman and WWE.  The other argument is that his return to WWE deserves to be on here.  I'd argue that the return was actually a bit underwhelming.  For that reason it does not belong here.  Even looking at the Montreal Screwjob from the perspective that everything is patched up, I believe it is still the most pivotal moment in Bret's storied career.

Owen Hart
Owen is another one that I really had to think long and hard about for a second moment.  Unfortunately, his untimely demise is a no-brainer on a list like this.  For all the entertaining things Owen did, I had a hard time coming up with the other moment.  I do believe that his win over brother Bret on the biggest stage of them all deserves the spot.  The only things that work against the WM X win is the fact that it opened the show (not a huge problem) and that Bret ended up having the even bigger moment later in the show with the victory over Yokozuna.  All that being said, I still believe this is the correct moment to choose for Owen.

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