Monday, July 25, 2011

The Miz is an Awesome Heel

Noticed this in a live report of a SmackDown house show in Pittsburgh, PA: 
The Miz went to another section of the audience and took a little girl's sign that said "Rey Mysterio When I Grow Up Will You Marry Me?" and mocked the sign and the little girl. The Miz took the girl's sign in the ring, tore it into three or four pieces and left it at ringside. My girlfriend noted that the girl at ringside was visibly upset and appeared to be crying. Rey went over to the fan and spoke with her for around 30 seconds.
It's nothing revolutionary, but that's some good old fashioned heel work by the Miz there.  One of the reasons it caught my eye was the fact that there have been some rumblings that WWE may try to turn the Miz face.   If that is the case, I'd say it isn't imminent or you would think the Miz would be dialing down the heelishness a bit by now.