Thursday, July 28, 2011

Michael Tarver

Lords of Pain posted this story that says former Nexus member, Michael Tarver (real name, Tyrone Evans) claimed on Twitter that John Cena intentionally broke his arm and laughed at him for getting injured.

Posted below is the full compilation of those Tweets courtesy of Lords of Pain's, Daniel Pena.  I would like to give Tarver the benefit of the doubt here and say he's working an angle or something. Even if that's the case, this is really bizarre. 
"Family im a baaad man YAHWEH NISSI ,, soooooooo stop me if you heard this one for starters I went from sleeping in a car to being on 2 Wrestlemanias fun fact there soooooo this guy has a dream job but an adv he meets his dream girl assn db on his dream job he was to be away From his kids so he makes it work while spendiing 3 years trying to get his daughter to tampa to live him away from addcict mother

"Now during this dream job he fights trains show crazy potential on the mic regarded as one the best ever in developmental so he moves on ,,,To nxt and raw where he is burried on tv treated like trash back stage to the point where a certain top superstar takes notice of this Guy building steam with his promos back stage and begins to feel threatend so one night on a ppv the champ purposely fractures this Persons arm with a chair and after.the match backstage laughs in his face about it and walks off you know im talking about you just cant see See him anyway he takes out threats to his throne back stage to the point where the even get released from their dream job and ironicaly This guys dream wife leaves him tthreatening to take everything from him a month later on the se day his daughter was to move in with With them now his daughter is hysterical beyond help and has to be sent back home after three years of fighting and one week there

"Hmmmmm makes you wonder is it worth it because in your opinions WHO DO YOU KNOW WHO IS BAD.ENOUGH TO SCARE A BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY So I saw to all things mention ME ,,,,,,,,IM THAT BAD MAN ,,,,,,,,,,,YAHWEH NISSI"

I'm no John Cena fan, but I honestly find these accusations pretty tough to believe.  The reference to scaring a "billion dollar company" makes me think or makes me hope at least that Tarver's just working here.  It will be interesting to see where this goes from here, if anywhere.

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