Saturday, July 23, 2011

Magnum TA Destroyed by the Minnesota Wrecking Crew

This is a simple and effective angle that generated great heat and makes everyone look good.  One of the guys posted the other day about Magnum TA "having a bad day" and that's absolutely the truth.  He lost the US Title, got punked by the Andersons in the locker room, missed his shot at the tag straps, tried to save Dusty from a beatdown and caught another beating.

Thanks to the wonders of YouTube we can watch this all play out right now.

This goes back to what I always say about how the babyface gets over for simply being willing to fight as opposed to having the face be a superhuman (Cena) who beats down everybody. This is a great wrestling angle and this is how it should be in these situations.  Tony Schiavone touches on it a bit when he mentions how "courageous" Magnum is for even coming out there.  That's old school and that's what makes a tough guy.  You don't have to kill the heel's heat and have the Cena babyface destroy everyone to get them over and send the "Little Jimmy's" home happy.
Upload Credit: koufy