Sunday, July 24, 2011

Madison Rayne Does Not Appreciate Criticism

Lords of Pain had a story about TNA Knockout Madison Rayne's response to a blogger who criticized here work on Impact Wrestling.  Here's what she said: 
"You sir, are a d*ckhead," she wrote to Dustin Nichols of the Camel Clutch Blog. "Get a real job. =) that’s all!"
It is absolutely hilarious to me how thin-skinned some are in the industry.  It is also funny that some seem to have such utter disdain for those who are really the biggest supporters of pro-wrestling.

Lords of Pain did link to Dustin Nichols' response here as well. 


  1. Leave her alone. To think you never make a mistake.

  2. Dave and I and everyone make mistakes all the time. The difference? We don't call the people who call us out on them dickheads.

  3. I'm not sure where I suggested I don't make mistakes or what my mistakes have anything to do with her poor judgment. I'm not killing Ms. Rayne for her bad moment but I did find it interesting that she chose to a) call the guy a dickhead and b) take a shot at him blogging about her industry. Thanks for the comment. I like to have some interaction here at SAW.