Friday, July 8, 2011

Jimmy Jack Funk vs "Rebel" Dick Slater

I was looking for a hilarious Jimmy Jack Funk promo that WrestleCrap once covered and found this. I have very little, if any, recollection of "Rebel" Dick Slater in WWE. It baffles me that the "Rebel" gimmick was a babyface in 1986. When did the Dukes of Hazzard go off the air? Let's see, 1985. Well, then that might actually make some sense. Anyway, this match is interesting to me for other reasons. Jimmy Jack Funk was the kayfabe brother of Dory Funk, Jr and Terry Funk. Dory Funk, Jr worked in WWE as Hoss Funk in the 80s. Jimmy Jack's real name is Ferrin Barr, Jr. His father was Sandy Barr, a promoter whose name I have heard, but know little about. His brother? Art Barr. Yep, Eddie Guerrero's famed teammate Art Barr was the brother of Jimmy Jack Funk. Art was also the Juicer, one of WCW's lamest 90s gimmicks. Furthermore, Barr worked that gimmick as Beetlejuice in Portland and it was Roddy Piper's idea.

Thanks for allowing me the "stream of consciousness" approach to this post. I hope you enjoyed, now take a look at the 3 minute match that caused all this.

Upload Credit: MrWrestlingMan