Saturday, July 9, 2011

If you could change one thing...

Here is another SAW post inspired by the guys at WCMB

The premise is, "If you could change one thing in wrestling history what would it be?"

This stumped me for a moment even after reading some of their great replies.  Then it came to me like lightning.  It was so obvious I couldn't believe I didn't think of it immediately.  It was Magnum TA's car accident.

Looking back on my answer I did stop to think that maybe I should have changed WCW going out of business, the Fingerpoke of Doom or the debacle at Starrcade 97.  The issue was that all those things are related and I'm not sure changing any one of them makes a big difference. 

Magnum TA's wreck though would take away all the speculation about how big a star he could have been.  We would be looking back now on either the storied or disappointing career of a guy who was on a rocket ship to the top back in 1986.  As an 8 year old Magnum TA fan it was really crushing to see his career end that way and it would be great had he been able to play it out and see where it ended up.

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