Friday, July 8, 2011

GW's Flashbacks: Favorite Wrestlers

It's time for the long discussed debut of GW's Flashbacks.  In case you have not heard or have forgotten let me recap what GW's Flashbacks will be about. 

South Atlanta Wrestling's tagline is "Blame Dad, Ric Flair and Ted Turner."  Well GW is the Dad part of the equation.  I figured it would be kind of cool to take some of these discussions we have and bring them here to give more of a context to my fandom.

All that being said, I was going a different direction with the first GW's Flashbacks, but a conversation the other day after gold made me rethink that. 

Early in SAW's history I did a post on my 10 favorite current wrestlers.  What came out of this conversation with Dad is his ten favorite wrestlers.  He doesn't have current favorites because he no longer watches, but in no particular order here are the guys he gave as his ten favorites of all-time.
  • Stan "The Lariat" Hansen
  • "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes
  • "Fabulous Freebird" Michael 'PS' Hayes
  • "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol
  • The Minnesota Wrecking Crew: Arn and Ole Anderson
  • "The Man Called" Sting
  • Scott Hall
  • Mick Foley
  • Terry Funk
It's an interesting list to me.  That is a fine collection of talent, but I was a bit surprised by some omissions.  I even tossed a couple of names out there that were specifically rejected that I thought were no-brainers for his list such as the Road Warriors, Tully Blanchard and Jake "The Snake" Roberts.  I also believe that "Dirty" Dick Slater is a guy he simply forgot to add because he mentioned him the other day.  I will verify that at some point.

I hope to have some more explanation about how this list was assembled in the future.

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