Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gary Hart and Larry Zbyszko Promo

I sat and watched nine hours of 1990 AWA programming with SAW contributor, Norko the other day. I fully intend to share more thoughts about that particular era, but one thing jumped out at me. Larry Zbyszko was a really fun performer. His stalling drove the crowd and viewers nuts. His promos were solid and most importantly believable. He never came across as a caricature of himself even with the huge airbrushed LarryLand backdrop. I think "The Living Legend" is one heck of an underrated/underappreciated wrestler.

As for this promo, it's interesting to see Gary Hart cut a nice little promo and then Larry finishes it up nicely.  That's Al Perez standing there with them.  I'm ashamed to admit I had to look in the comments section to figure that out.  He completely escaped me when I looked at him.

Lastly, Larry had a funny habit of ending his promos on those shows we watched with "jerks," "jerks" or "ya jerks."  He really did cut some fun promos in 1990 AWA.
Upload Credit: Riggold