Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gary Hart and Larry Zbyszko Promo

I sat and watched nine hours of 1990 AWA programming with SAW contributor, Norko the other day. I fully intend to share more thoughts about that particular era, but one thing jumped out at me. Larry Zbyszko was a really fun performer. His stalling drove the crowd and viewers nuts. His promos were solid and most importantly believable. He never came across as a caricature of himself even with the huge airbrushed LarryLand backdrop. I think "The Living Legend" is one heck of an underrated/underappreciated wrestler.

As for this promo, it's interesting to see Gary Hart cut a nice little promo and then Larry finishes it up nicely.  That's Al Perez standing there with them.  I'm ashamed to admit I had to look in the comments section to figure that out.  He completely escaped me when I looked at him.

Lastly, Larry had a funny habit of ending his promos on those shows we watched with "jerks," "jerks" or "ya jerks."  He really did cut some fun promos in 1990 AWA.
Upload Credit: Riggold


  1. Sucks that none of them that ends with jerk aren't on youtube, at least I haven't found them yet.

    I figured you would've known that was Al Perez. He was one of those talents that had "it" but for one reason or another never really got as big as he could've been.

  2. I looked for some jerk ones as well as some in front of the LarryLand airbrushed graphic with no luck. I have no idea why I didn't recognize Al Perez either. I was familiar with him, but he completely escaped me when I looked at him. He looks like he has no real purpose in standing there btw.