Saturday, July 30, 2011

Former WWE Diva Maria Talks CM Punk

Maria had an interview recently hightlighted by this Lords of Pain article. One of the topics was CM Punk. This part was the most interesting to me.

What he cares about is wrestling. He cares about the wrestling business. He wants integrity in the wrestling business, and that is why it resonates with the fans. A lot of people care about the fanfare of it all, but they forgot what is wrestling is truly about."

I think she hits the nail right on the head. Punk is a sort of throwback in this day and age. He's a wrestler, not a sports entertainer and he cares about the industry not just taking what the industry can provide him. I think this comes through in his attention to detail. All those little things he does so perfectly that helps get any angle over that he's involved in.

That's what makes CM Punk special.

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