Saturday, July 9, 2011

"Colorado Kid" Mike Rapada's Son in Serious Accident

Disclosure News Online article

This is positively bizarre and unfortunate:

Rapada reportedly left Lane, who was apparently passed out, in the vehicle and went walking to get help. Our sources aren’t sure why this is the case, as they had a cell phone and could have called for help, unless they simply didn’t want to give anyone in law enforcement the heads-up; reportedly, Rapada is a nephew of Ridgway police chief Mike Kitchens.

Rapada was either slightly injured or still under the influence of something, as, once he got out to the Shawneetown/New Haven road, he either passed out or fell asleep. At around 3:42 a.m., Joyce Lynch, 58, of Ridgway and on her way to work, didn’t see Rapada in the road because of the fog, and struck him with her vehicle.

Here's some more information on his current condition and it doesn't sound good:

So far they’ve determined he’s got a broken pelvis and other broken bones, having been crushed underneath Lynch’s car then dragged 75 yards before she could come to a stop. Right now the physicians have reportedly implanted a probe in his brain to detect activity, this after surgery to relieve three spots of bleeding on the brain.

Sad turn of events. Thoughts and prayers are with this family.