Tuesday, July 26, 2011

CM Punk Returns to RAW

As usual there was lively discussion on A1 about last night's RAW. Considering the events of Monday's RAW it should not be surprising that CM Punk and John Cena were the hottest topics.

If you click the thread linked above you will get a great discussion about the show as well as my raw opinions about the big moment at the end of the show.  Initially, I had formatted this post to include quotes from the A1 thread along with some further explanation of my thoughts.  I quickly realized as I continued to post today that there was no way that was going to work here.  I simply had too many things to say, too many posts to respond to.  What I'm going to try to do now is simply bottom-line a couple of thoughts on CM Punk's return to WWE TV last night.

It was too soon

I believe it was.  WWE had caught lightning in a bottle as it were with the Punk/Cena program.  From the time Punk came down to do the shoot on John Cena until the time he hopped that barricade in Chicago holding the WWE Title was absolute brilliance especially from CM Punk himself. 

Some of that magic was lost when CM Punk went from guy who was going to take the WWE Title and go sit on his couch to dude strolling down the ramp in ring gear with new video and music in the span of less than 10 days.

Everything is ruined

I don't agree with that at all.  The main reason I take this position is due to how great CM Punk really is.  I said it early in this blog's existence that CM Punk is simply the best wrestler we have right now.  He hits all the right notes and does all the little things perfectly.  For that reason, I think we still have some really exciting things in front of us.  The problem is that I thought we had something really unique and special going that could be a gamechanger and instead we got an angle to sell shirts and SummerSlam.

It was illogical

To a certain extent I would agree.  The way the show ended didn't, to me, fit the narrative that we had written so far.  You have the guy who was raging against the machine just days earlier by confronting WWE Chairman, Triple H, at the Mattel/WWE event at SDCC just stroll down to the ring with new everything like he never missed a beat?  Weak.

Business demanded it

I think this case is overstated.  We'll never know how many added buys SummerSlam will get due to Punk's involvement, but I cannot imagine that it will make a huge difference in the number.  I could be wrong and I even hope I am, but I think this is being overrated.  Even if it does help SS pop a number, is it the right decision?  I don't know.  You have to break an egg to make an omelette and I'm not sure Punk's return could not have been bigger and done more business had they teased this angle longer. 

Stop fantasy booking

This one irritates me more than most of the discussion points last night.  For one, it assumes a lot about the viewers.  I'm not much of a fantasy booker.  I'm not "hating" on last night's events because I had it mentally booked and the exact details didn't match up exactly.  I had some ideas of how I thought this might play out and really liked the options we were faced with and I think WWE showed a lack of patience (as did many viewers) by bringing Punk back.

This line seems to be used as a simple way to raise issues about the credibility of a position by minimizing it simply as, "You're just upset they didn't have Colt Cabana jump the rail and lay out Cena."  I think that's completely unfair to those who have raised good points about the handling of this angle.

Minor quibbles

It would have been awesome had either Punk or Trips commissioned a new belt.  Not a big issue, but a nice touch since Punk had mentioned it on RAW a few weeks ago.

In conclusion

It should still be a fun ride, but as of right now today I'm not quite as excited about it as I was before RAW last night.  We'll see what WWE and Best in the World, CM Punk do going forward though.

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