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Thursday, July 21, 2011

CM Punk Crashes SDCC

TH's Wrestling Blog has footage of one CM Punk (the greatest) crashing the Mattel/WWE event at the San Diego Comic-Con.  He engages in a verbal battle with new storyline Chairman of the WWE, Triple H.  Of course, since CM Punk is the absolute greatest this is good as gold. 

Seriously you need to swing by the TWB link above to see the magic that is Punk.  In general, WWE is nailing this angle right now.  Vince McMahon starting the tournament to crown a WWE Champion while barely acknowledging Punk was the right move.  If CM Punk really bailed on WWE while champion that is pretty much exactly how it would be dealt with so it made perfect sense.  Using the attempt to fire John Cena as a way to replace VKM at the top of WWE was smart as well.  One simple reason for this was what Triple H says in the SDCC confrontation.  He tries to get CM Punk to listen to reason because there's a new boss etc.  I hope WWE has the guts to keep Punk off the air while having him run around with the title like he has.  If they keep this up people will be absolutely foaming at the mouth to see him return and confront Triple H, Vince or the new WWE Champion.

It's going to be a fun ride I think.