Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another TNA Pep Talk

Lords of Pain had an article today about a meeting Hulk Hogan had with TNA talent recently. It seems that someone in TNA is having these types of meeting every so often. Typically, it's Dixie or it was for a while at least.

What was it about?
where he stressed that everyone needs to step up their games when it comes to telling stories in the ring

Which strikes me as odd considering that in-ring work really isn't the major weakness of this promotion. How did the talent take this?

It's said that the talents on Tuesday weren't very receptive to the speech as they've heard it all before. Dixie Carter asked the roster if anyone had questions and nobody did.

I am not surprised. This promotion simply cannot get out of its own way. I've said it a billion times on A1-Wrestling, but TNA could immediately improve their product if they just adopted the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) mentality. They just cannot and will not do that though. There show would be better served if it looked like an episode of AWA on ESPN, but they insist on all this cutesy stuff, convoluted angles and constant reboots.

It's really frustrating waiting for this promotion to get it right.