Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Mavs join the WWE Universe

At SAW we already established that the Miami Heat were the nWo.  We figured that must make Dirk WCW (Sting maybe?), but now we have discovered that the Mavs are in fact part of the WWE Universe.  WWE.com will tell you all about it.

When the Dallas Mavericks prevailed over the seemingly unstoppable Miami Heat to capture their first ever NBA Championship on Sunday night, the Mavs squad clamored for the opportunity to touch the NBA Title trophy as well as another glittering symbol of excellence … “The Belt,” a WWE Title modified with a Mavericks logo.
Not the first time the WWE has made an appearance like this in the professional sports world.  It's always cool to see a team do this though.  The belt looked nicer than the actual WWE title in my opinion.

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