Saturday, June 18, 2011

An Interview with Christian

Christian had a fun interview with  You'll notice that it's obviously a mix of kayfabe and shoot/legit answers.  I though some might appreciate.  There's more at the link above, but I picked out a couple of gems.

Christian on being a face or heel...
Which do you prefer, being a heel or a baby face?

I think I just kinda go out there, I don’t ever go to far... I go out there and I do what I do and I never change what I do. I’ve always tried to keep a lot of my own personality in what you see on television, so it’s kinda of just an extension of myself.
Christian on fan support especially after his World Heavyweight Championship win over Alberto del Rio...
Did you expect to have the huge amount of fan support you did after winning the Championship?

It was overwhelming, to be honest I think that people just saw it as a guy who went out there every week and put everything on the line, no matter what the circumstances. I’ve always worked hard and tried to leave it all in the ring. I think they just appreciated that (win) coming from an underdog perspective.  
Christian on turning his back on his "Peeps"...
You recently disowned all your Peeps (fans)...

There was a big uproar from the fans, my Peeps, when I lost the championship. I really sat back and looked at it, and these are the same people who voted for Randy Orton to the match and they’re the same people who cheered when he won. I took matters in my own hands ... as far as I’m concerned, if I win it will be for myself this time.
Like I said, there's more over at 'WWE Smackdown' slams its way to Giant Center.  I highly recommend giving it a look especially if you're a Christian fan.

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