Monday, June 20, 2011

Heenan Family Burns Tommy Rich with a Cigar

I love sharing some of the wrestling highlights from my youth. Unfortunately, this is a bit before my time. It is, however, a really fantastic clip. You've got Bobby Heenan's "Heenan Family" in Georgia Championship Wrestling during a period where Bobby left the AWA for about a year. Tommy Rich is a wildly popular face in Georgia and there's also a face Ole Anderson in GCW at this point. Sounds odd, but Ole pulls it off. I'm staring to think that he's a really underrated talent.  Of course, Gordon Solie is there so you know you've got some good announcing. This was also around the time when SAW favorite, Stan "The Lariat" Hansen was in this territory.

Upload Credit: TheMidnightEDxpress

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