Tuesday, June 28, 2011

AWA In This Corner: Stan Hansen

Another Stan Hansen clip already? Yessir, another Stan Hansen clip. Why? It's because SAW Contributor, Norko, passed this one along this morning.

Here are a couple of gems to look out for:

"Nobody controls me, jack!"

"I got a big fat wife and 9 kids at home and I gotta feed 'em!"

Also, notice how Stan plays the wildman/loose cannon, but still makes the title matter to him just like he did in that Halloween Havoc promo. That is often overlooked these days, but in the old days the theory was that holding the belt not only made you "the man," but it put money in your pocket. For a guy that has a "fat wife and nine kids at home" that matters and it should. It's a subtle thing, but I don't think that aspect gets played up well enough in the current wrestling product.

Larry Z does a great job acting as the "color commentator" in this interview segment by putting over how wild Stan is and how he, as a guy who has been in the squared circle, thinks Hansen should be banned from competing.

Here's the Bad Man from Borger, Texas doing his thing.

Upload Credit:  Rayla840

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  1. I couldn't have said any better. Great entry.