Sunday, May 1, 2011

WWE Extreme Rules: ADR vs Christian

The Money Match
Obviously, there's a lot going on at WWE Extreme Rules.  What match interests me the most?  It's the World Heavyweight Championship match between ADR and Christian.  Why?  I'll tell you why.

WWE has a very unique opportunity at Extreme Rules as it relates to the World Heavyweight Championship (WHC).  Is it finally time for Alberto Del Rio to capture his first WHC?  Does Christian win the belt that was vacated by the premature retirement of his best friend, Edge?

Coming out of WrestleMania 27, I felt that Extreme Rules was the time to crown a new WHC, Alberto Del Rio.  After Edge's shocking retirement on RAW, I had to reconsider my position. 

At this point I, personally, feel it would be foolish of WWE to not take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have Christian win the belt in the shadow of his best friend's retirement. 

We'll see what they do, but I have zero doubt that strapping Christian is the right move at WWE Extreme Rules.