Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Worst: Eric Young

Yeah, I know I declared "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce, The Worst, but there are others competing for that crown. 

One of the #1 Contenders is TNA's Impact Wrestling's Eric Young or EY for short.

What makes him a top contender for this coveted crown?  Honestly, pretty much everything about him.  Check out the poster for Slammiversary IX for one.  You see that goofy looking dude between Beer Money and Kazarian on the X?  Yeah, that's Eric Young.

I tried to find some footage of his "fear of pyro" gimmick to no avail.  What is his "fear of pyro" gimmick?  That's where he acted like the pyro scared him every week.  Was it mildly amusing the first time?  Maybe.  Was it after seeing it a billion times?  Not a chance.  Anyhow, that brilliant gimmick led to him becoming a low-rent Hurricane named "Super Eric."  I did find some quality footage of that garbage along with Black Reign (Dustin "Rhodes" Runnels before he returned to Goldust and WWE).  So there's really a whole lot of awful in this brief segment.

Check it out after the jump...

Now I know some of the Orlando Mutants really got into this act and that's part of the problem.  It seemed that the TNA brain trust gave him a ton of TV time because those folks who don't pay for tickets reacted to this goober.  The fact was though that EY was a huge waste of time. 

The guy has a bad look, isn't a great promo, has been used as an ineffective comedy gimmick so long that I literally see zero value in him.  Keeping this guy on the roster is one of the many things that makes me shake my head at TNA/Impact Wrestling.
Upload Credit: TNAwrestling

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